Idea Development • Question 3 • Teaspoon

Practical assignment (problem solving)


Substitute something
Combine it with something else
Adapt something to it
Modify or Magnify it
Put to other uses
Eliminate something
Reverse or Rearrange it


You are given a teaspoon as an object. Now apply each one of the SCAMPER techniques to it and give a brief explanation of what new product comes of this and how it can be marketed.

Defining a teaspoon

What is the function of a teaspoon

The main functions of a teaspoon is to stir the contents of a mug, or measure out a specific amount of something, like sugar or baking powder. It can also be used for eating, most commonly for desserts. Unconventional uses include using it for placing soil around small potted plants, making art projects and simply for keeping as collectibles.

Shape, size and materials

A regular teaspoon has a stick-like handle with a small bowl at the end. This end can, on a standardized teaspoon, hold 5ml (Where a tablespoon can hold 15ml). Accurate measurements are useful for baking and other instances when quantity is important.

The size, however, can vary from spoon to spoon. Older spoons tend to have a smaller size than spoons made today. The shape of the handle and bowl also varies from clean, straight lines to the most ornate finish. Materials vary from plastic to bamboo, stainless steel and silver.
Measuring spoons are created to make it easy to get the exact same amount every time (as long as you level of the top). And some spoons are created with only the stirring function in mind.

A selection of various teaspoons
29 different teaspoons

Redesigning a Teaspoon


Substitute the material for durable paper or cardboard.


Combine it with single serve yoghurt or ice cream packaging.


Make a tablespoon, fork and knife version for larger ready made meals. (Fjordland or Toro equivalents)


Make it part of the lid or wrapping.


Highlight the spoon on the packaging. Advertise the inclusion of the new included cutlery.

Put to other uses

Add to other products, like easy made hot chocolate, coffee and loose leaf tea.


Eliminate the need for bringing your own or buying extra plastic cutlery when on the go.


Place the spoon on the inside of the lid, or under a flap, to keep it clean and hygienic.


Change habits and offer something helpful.

My idea

The amount of times I’ve forgotten to bring a spoon for yoghurt day and had to MacGyver the plastic film into a utensil, or the times I’ve gotten a quick ready meal for a study session, just to realize I don’t have any way to eat the food, inspired me to think of this idea.

These are Tine’s new containers which they’re currently testing with sour cream. My idea uses these by implementing a spoon in the lid. I’ve gone for a yogurt design, but it could apply to desserts or porridge or even baby food.

Pencil sketch
Inking the outlines
Added shading
Applied color

Final design