Idea Development • Question 2

Research and written assignment


Substitute something
Combine it with something else
Adapt something to it
Modify or Magnify it
Put to other uses
Eliminate something
Reverse or Rearrange it


Use the Internet to research the history of the fast food chain McDonald’s and explain which parts of the SCAMPER model are evident in its development onto its current success.

Applying the SCAMPER model to McDonalds


McDonalds success plays upon them not offering traditional plates, cups and cutlery. Instead, all their products comes in paper, cardboard or plastic wrappings. This removes the need for washing these things. The only difference between take-away and in-house eating, is how the food is delivered. All the individual components are separately wrapped, and can either be placed on trays or in a paper bag


To appeal to children, they added Happy Meal as a kid-friendly option. This is a child sized serving of food and a small toy. The toy is usually related to a trending movie, game or popular toy, such as Spongebob, Super Mario, Lego, Barbie or Furby.


In the beginning, customers had to ask to get extra ketchup. Then McDonalds started pre-filling small cups with ketchup, which they sold on request. Today, customers can help themselves, and have the option to fill some small, paper cups with ketchup from a spout, for no extra cost.

Modify or Magnify

They are changing the way the customers can order. They’ve introduced machines where the customers can input their order and pay. This removes errors in communication between customer and employee, and opens up time for the employee to do other tasks. They’ve also cooperating with delivery options such as UberEats in the US, and Foodora in Norway, giving the customer the option to have the food delivered to where they are.

Put to other uses

With the McCafé brand, they’ve expanded their field and can now offer more dessert and coffee options. They’ve also opened separate locations where they only offer the McCafé selections.


In the recent years, McDonalds has started to eliminate single use plastic, and have switched to paper straws and removed the plastic lid from their McFlurry product. They’re not perfect yet, but it’s a good start.

Reverse or Rearrange

They rearrange and modernize both the interior and the exterior of their locations. Many of them also features play areas for children.