Thinking Process • Moodle Map

One of the tasks to do, is about making my own map of the Moodle site. First obvious thought is to make a traditional map, but when the requirements says to think outside the box, that’s not an option.

I thought about making a shop-style overview, where each section of Moodle would be represented by a row of shelves. However, that’s not how I look at the page. So instead I have moved on to defining how I use it.

I’ve visualized the starting point, the dashboard, as the center hub. And from there, I can go in any direction to find the different sections. Do I want the forums? Do I want to look at the schedule? Or maybe look for the recommended reading list?

I’ve visualized my ideas digitally for now, and will do the final version on paper. My current sketches are displayed below.

Gets random idea while writing blogpost: Perhaps I could go for a compass or barometer style look?